I get some of my best content on twitter and so I relentlessly look for interesting handles to follow. Here are some I will track in the new year. In no particular order, and no special categorisation.


For his  understanding of social media, using it to strengthen his brand and ensure his institution reflects its compassion in the way he tweets and reaches out to people in crises and otherwise. For making his brand, almost human on twitter.


For well-timed reminders of our past through pictures. For sepia scenes that keep us in touch with who we have been, what we were doing when and where.


To know where the rejuvenated Indian Express is going, how they can translate their hard hitting journalism into more internet-friendly forms, break it and shape it for now rather than next day. Also curious about seeing his vision unravel as a young scion in charge, as newspaper industry stays at crossroads. 


For interesting insights into the financial world, economic infocharts to startle you, for witty tweets that include his dog Biggles and to track his bank’s merger and how it may transform Kotak Bank.


For how the Timesgroup plans to finally get the internet fix, for delicately and drastically being different with HuffPostIndia and keeping it from the parent’s PR shadow and building what’s much needed at the company – a cohesive, young web/mobile oriented internet department.


For curated stories from journalists around the world and some rich creative writing founded by Sonia Faleiro. Also an interesting case-study of something that tests the Medium, and you need to subscribe it. Tracking it for concept and content.

For puncturing big fat journalist egos and bringing them down in a witty, scathing but fun format.


For being a very straight forward, balanced voice in the din of the Modi-loving and Modi-hating economists. And not without good reasoning, logic and sensible conclusions.


For putting all things into points or pictures and making it spectacularly easy to ‘learn’ on twitter. He is a knowledge driver.


For changing the conversation around women, documenting the tipping point in gender fairness in India and being the country’s first video story-telling platform to engage, empower and elevate the modern Indian woman.


For completing the gap in one’s dwindling vocabulary in our world of tiny quips and quirks.


Picture Courtesy Litreactor.com

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